Business Consulting

Business Strategies for Success

Attitudes, Vision & Profits

Strategic consulting impacts the overall health of a company by analyzing what contributes to profit.


The customer may want to only have costs reduced or to find a new revenue stream by entering a new market or developing a new product or service, but both revenue and costs affect profitability.


Corporate strategy and both short and long-term profitability depend on owner and team member attitude.  If both have a positive attitude, then most problems can be solved with a team approach.


It is up to the consultant to have the outsider, thinking outside the box vision to see what owners and employees inside the company cannot see. With this perspective, a variety of tailored operational metrics and business analyses can be employed and a growth strategy developed. This can include a SWOT analysis, value proposition development, market analysis, project management tools, ROI evaluation and more.

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The Business Consulting Process

Challenges, Collaboration & Progress

The consulting process first involves listening to you the owner or manager about what is the most significant problem to overcome.  Then questions are asked about how the problem evolved and if any procedures have not been followed.  Meetings with owner and leadership team members are the next step to determine what metrics are most important and how to collaborate to resolve the problem. Agreement from everyone identifying the problem is critical to collaborating on a solution.


The consultant performs research on directions to take and provides choices with Power Point slides and Excel spreadsheets to support different options and proposed impacts on the business.  Once a choice is approved the consultant may monitor progress towards the solution, at the owner’s request.


A Team Approach

Ideas, Goals & Achievement

Owners and managers, you cannot achieve anything without your team members.  The importance of seeing team members as people like you cannot be over-emphasized.  Like tools in a construction worker’s belt people will obey your instructions, but they are not objects, they have so much more to offer.  Like you they have goals and vision both for themselves and the company; utilize their ideas on at least a monthly or even a weekly basis.  A strategic consultant brings owner and team goals together and that is what grows revenue and brings together long-term profitability. This team alignment is critical to ensuring that the implementation of new business strategies can occur successfully.

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About Harlan Dale

Harlan Dale has the experience and insight needed to help companies evolve and excel.  From team building and organizational restructuring to developing an operations strategy and increasing profitability, Harlan Dale brings a steady-handed, focused approach to improving your business and positioning it for market leadership.